Begin to play chromatic Harp 6/6

Why choose ChromHarp66 Academy?

awesome New Didactic space for Chromatic Harpists
Qualified Teacher

 M° Vanessa D'Aversa,  Teacher, Professional Chromatic Harpist 6/6 and  jazz composer

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Multiple courses

OTechnique, Classic, Modern, Jazz, Therapeutic Knowledge

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International Workshops and Courses

 Online and Offline Academy to grow your potential

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Concert Pape Chromatic Harp Teacher Vanessa D'Aversa 2020 2
Since 2000
Chromharp66 Academy
Your Space to discover and learn about Chromatic Harp 6/6 (Cross Strung Harfe)
Il tuo Spazio per scoprire ed imparare l'arpa cromatica 6/6


ChromHarp66 Academy Workshop 2

Didactic Workshops

Vanessa D'Aversa Arpista 3
Concert & Full Immersion
ChromHarp66 Academy Workshop
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ChromHarp66 Academy Workshop 3

Harmonic knowledge

Method First Contact

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Chromatic Harp Lab

 Discover the 6/6 System

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About ChromHarp66 Academy
Thanks our Founder Vanessa D'Aversa since 2000, the ChromHarp66 Academy guide more student and build the first  International and Italian Chromatic Harp School.
We are among the most qualified didactic  with over 20 years of quality training and experience.
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