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Concert Pape Chromatic Harp Teacher Vanessa D'Aversa 2020 1

Our Academy organize didactic seminars, lessons and seminar around the world about the didactic evolution of chromatic Harp 6/6,  linear and harmonic music for overall the harmonic section for all kind of harps (lever and pedal harp), and in general the technique of improvisation for musicians .
Vanessa D'Aversa
Founder, Harpist, Composer and Teacher
Our History
ChromHarp66 Academy Workshop
Founded in 2000
All begin in the historic blog, and in the didactic project Chromatic Italian International School C.H.I.I.S!
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Our Classrooms
Italian Classrooms Based Frosinone-Milan, to organize the seminars in your Country! Contact:
Frosinone - Milan, Italy
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